Individual and Group Rates

Our adventures are ideal for inidviduals, couples, and small groups.  

All trips are guided. Sorry, no boat rentals.

Trips include orientation, kayak and gear.

Free photos. GoPro video available on request (not edited - edited videos available).

Paddle for Fun

Introduction to Kayaking:
Explore the Scenic Martinez Shoreline or Historic Benicia Coast & Islands

1 person: $95, 2+ persons: $55 each - 2.5-3 hours

Paddle for Sport

Paddling on the Strait:
Improve Skills, Build Confidence, Challenge Yourself!

$125 - 2.5-3+ hours
Personal guiding one-to-one in a single kayak (yours or ours).
Ideal for anyone who's interested in kayaking on the Strait.
A detailed orientation to local paddling conditions and destinations.

Explore the Carquinez Strait

Destinations include:
Southampton Bay, Glen Cove, and under the Benicia Bridge!

$65-75 per person - 3+ hours (two-person min.)

Extended Adventures

Call for details



We make every effort to provide you with a fun trip. Our guides will give instructions before each trip - it is important that you listen and follow their instructions. You will assume the responsibility for many decisions affecting your safety during your trip. These activities can be physically demanding with inherent elements of risk and danger beyond our control. We do not assume liability for personal injury or death. You must sign a Release Form and you participate at your own risk. We offer trips requiring various degrees of fitness. We are not qualified to evaluate your fitness so you must evaluate your fitness as appropriate for any given trip. If you have physical limitations, or are overweight or in poor physical condition, you should consult with your physician before the trip. 



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