Digital Safari Innovation Fair


Digital Safari Academy
2010 Participating Companies

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Auto-Balance Intelligence has developed the Auto Buddy, a new product to reduce traffic and accidents, while being eco-friendly. The Auto Buddy's flexible system of computer, bumper sensors, and calibrators help motorists maintain steady speed and avoid the "gas-break-gas" nature of in-traffic driving. The Auto Buddy also fosters greater awareness in drivers of the traffic around them, helping them respond to potential dangers safely.

The Caterpillar

Caterpillar has created the world's most convenient eco-friendly bottle ever invented. Made from plasticized potato skins and, with its patented Shrink as you Drink™ and Dribble Stopper™ technologies, the bottle is collapsible, washable, reusable and 100% spill-proof making it the perfect bottle for anyone on the go.

Compost Power

Compost Power has developed the DecompoPower Bio-Digester, which harnesses methane gas produced in decomposition and redirects it through the customer's gas line to power appliances. The end product is clean mulch that can then be used as a fertilizer in farms, gardens, and other agricultural-based businesses where it may be needed.


Copy&Paste Inc. provides a fast, easy, and efficient way to paint highly detailed, scalable designs in a variety of commercial applications. Our Scan&Paint™ process lets you scan and reproduce any image, on virtually any surface, at any size with PixelPoint™ accuracy. Using refillable CMYKW canisters, our product will end the slow, often inaccurate process of mixing individual colors of paint while simultaneously reducing incorrect paint disposal and pollution.

Diabetic Solutions

Diabetic Solutions Inc. offers the Hyscent™, a small, wearable pendant, providing diabetics with regular alerts by constantly measuring blood sugar through its patented, no lancet, no blood, "sniffing" technology. The Hyscent™ provides safety and peace of mind to millions diabetics and their families.

Earth Cell

Earth Cell Incorporated has created the first battery that is completely compostable and recyclable. This eco-friendly battery aims to reduce the amount of heavy metals in landfill waste and prevent future environmental problems such as chemical leeching. By compacting and refining potato starch we have been able to find a new and more environmentally friendly battery that stands up to the intense power demands of modern customers.

Electric Sound

Electric Sound introduces the Sound Harvester™ which, through its advanced technology, provides the solution to noise issues in society. The easily installed system of Sound Harvester™ plates absorbs sound, not only canceling out its presence, but also converting it into usable energy. Designed for installation in high noise industrial and public settings, the Sound Harvester™ offers a quieter, cleanly powered future.


FiberGreen™ cardboard is a revolutionary, high quality cardboard made using absolutely no trees! Instead FiberGreen™ cardboard is made entirely out of cogon grass, an abundant grass which quickly reproduces, creating a sturdy environmentally friendly cardboard that is 100% compostable, allowing consumers to deposit it into their green waste bins, completely bypassing landfills.


Foshi has developed The Core™, plates designed for installation under parking lot asphalt that absorbs excessive blacktop heat and converts that heat to energy we can use for our daily needs. A positive side effect of its excellent power generating potential is a decrease temperature in parking lots with The Core™ installed making an overall more positive experience for customers and other guests to a business.

Gaia Poly

Gaia Poly has created a environmentally conscious and profitable way to create synthetic fabric from the glut of recycled newspaper in our waste stream. The high-quality fabrics resulting from the Gaia Poly process can be used in a variety of fashion or industrial applications and help end our dependence on petroleum-based products.

Gamba Can

Gamba Can has created state-of-the-art waste technology for homes, offices and large businesses that automatically sorts trash and promotes composting and the recycling of resources through clean, user friendly products.

Green Burn
Fuel Technology

Over 35 million machines with largely unregulated small gasoline power engines are sold in the U.S. each year. The resulting pollution is much greater than that produced by much more publicized automobile emissions. To combat this problem, Green Burn Fuel Technology has created the Green Burn Carburetor™ which catalyzes the air-gasoline mix prior to ignition to produce burns as much as 70% more efficient than current carburetors.


Created for independently living seniors and sufferers of bone density loss, Novino Inflawear™ uses airbag technology to reduce the impact of falls on the hips, spine and shoulders of its wearers. Designed to be worn as a belt and suspenders under clothes, Inflawear uses a gyroscope and accelerometer in the belt's buckle to identify falls and inflate airbags at strategic points before impact happens – preventing serious injury and protecting independence.


Porta-Pure is a company dedicated to saving the lives of people across the globe and in undeveloped countries with Porta-Pure™ water purifiers. Our low cost, sturdy, easy to use, water purifier puts an end to bacterial and viral contamination in unsanitary water, and provides important hope and relief to the 1.1 billion people of the world's population who do not have access to clean water. Water is life - live pure.


Recyclone Industries is a company dedicated to the eco-friendly recycling through the development of the patented Recyclone™ system designed to maximize profits from e-waste, thereby promoting ever larger efforts at recycling and reclaiming e-waste. Through its process of crushing and filtering e-waste into discrete components immediately ready for resale, the Recyclone™ will revolutionize recycling as we know it.


Solargize! is an ultra-efficient and affordable state-of-the-art solar technology with a focus on fuel saving applications in automobiles and the trucking industry. SolFlex™ is a revolutionary "solar tissue" that combines ultra-flexibility with increased efficiency and may be molded onto any surface. Protecting SolFlex™ is Nanobright™, a cover paint that is based on nanotechnology to increase efficiency, absorption and durability of the system.