Digital Safari Innovation Fair


Digital Safari Academy
2011 Participating Companies

Brecko is dedicated to reducing the amount of cardboard and paper waste in the landfills and providing homes to those who have been affected by natural disasters. Brecko uses recycled cardboard and paper to create TurfBlocks™, which are the outer shell of a brick. Mixed with Chemical X, TurfBlocks are weather proof, fire resistant, and durable. A house made out of TurfBlocks will be able to withstand the next natural disaster.

At GrO2 we are making Mobility™, a portable supplementary oxygen tank. It is lighter, smaller, and longer lasting than other products out on the market. Its size and weight allow the user to be less inconvenienced than they are by large, bulky devices that is typically seen on the market. Mobility™ uses phytoplankton to supply oxygen to the user instead of compressed oxygen, making our product non-flammable, safe and long-lasting.

LifeCheck™ is a bracelet that uses sensors to check your blood pressure, heart rate, and temperature. It allows its users to be aware of their health status through a screen, and sends out alerts when it detects abnormalities. LifeCheck also stores medical history and information, simplifying health monitoring for the lives of many, and helping individuals live healthier and fuller lives.

Spine Tech gives paraplegics and quadriplegics the opportunity to move on their own again through its product, the Power Spine™. Made of titanium processors, spokes, and an electrical dynamo powered by lithium-iodine batteries, the Power Spine™ is surgically implanted by specialized surgeons employed at Spine Tech's facility. With the Power Spine, the $14.5 billion spent annually for direct medical costs, disability support, and lost productivity will be reduced to virtually nothing, and paralysis victims receive a direct, internal solution that allows them to feel again, move again, and live again. Over time, the world has used up a significant portion of its oil supply with one third of it already depleted.

Emerald Grow is a company that dedicates its efforts to decrease our dependency on foreign oil and increase the Earthʼs sustainability. The biodiesel Emerald Grow produces is made from selectively bred algae grown in fertilizer runoffs - thereby contributing to pollution clean-up. Algae - it's small enough to go unnoticed yet big enough to change the world.

Piezo Power believes in the viability and well being of future generations. There by Piezo Power created Electroturf™, a sub-flooring that harvests energy as it is walked on. By providing a simple and reliable alternative energy to lower the consumerʼs electrical bill we can bring security from volatile energy prices. Piezo Power not only creates cleaner energy, but it also makes you money.

Sunny-Side Up has created a revolutionary solar fabric called Olab™. Olab™ has a flexible solar panel that absorbs energy from the sun's ultraviolet rays. The conversion to electricity begins and transferred to a storage box. It provides an outlet for recharging and powering electronics. Olab™ can be used in tents, laptop & phone cases, umbrellas, car tops, and backpacks. With Olab™ you will always be connected.

SparkLife has developed a new, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly replacement for today's car batteries known as the TurboSpark™. This new power source addresses many problems of car batteries such as combustibility and chemical pollution. Instead of chemical reactions, the TurboSpark™ functions through electricity-storing super capacitors. SparkLife believes that this new application of energy will be the future for all vehicles.

Electronic Vision has developed a method to restore or grant vision to those who have either lost or never had sight. Our method consists of the combination of the patented Artificial Retina™, which stimulates undamaged tissue in the retina, and a 2mm high resolution camera, which captures and transfers images into the brain. At Electronic Vision, not only do we give our patients sight, but we also give them independence.

Freedom Enterprises introduces Glucostyles™, jewelry which uses scent technology to give a constant reading of blood glucose levels. With its built-in Bluetooth technology it is able to communicate with a special smart phone app that has many features such as graphs, charts, tips, and alerts when sugar level is unbalanced. This revolutionary technology gives diabetics freedom from the usual painful process.

Husk Paper Products is proud to present paper products made from corn agripulp. Made using the same processes as wood-based paper, corn agripulp paper offers quality and performance that can wipe, swipe, and clean up any mess. It is an inexpensive and eco-friendly solution to the problems caused by heavy deforestation. Husk Paper Products: good for the Earth and good for your pocket!

Solar Clarity is dedicated to answering the energy demands of the changing world by using clean renewable energy from the sun. Generating electricity on a complete structure even in non-sunny days, our revolutionary transparent flexible solar sheets are lowering our country's carbon footprint and cutting down on electricity bills.

Prevention of Energy Waste Corporation has designed and developed a revolutionary high-tech product called SecoEnergy™, an electrical outlet that can prevent “Phantom Energy Drain”. SecoEnergy™ is a highly developed electronic for the consumer to control their use of power. Prevention of Energy Waste corporation will continue to fix the growing problem of consumption of energy in America.

Herculean Incorporated has created a sleek & revolutionary brace that enhances the user's mobility and stability with free range of motion. The brace is composed of artificial muscles which reciprocate strength and energy to the user when in use. Herculean helps those who need assistance from ambulatory aids. The company focus on bringing back a lifestyle lost due to age and disabilities.