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3D holographic display systems

Flex Learning Logo

Product Sheet

Flex Learning

Providing everyone with an opportunity to succeed

Executive Team:
CEO: Senaid Kuduzovic
Director of Marketing and Sales: Drew Griffin
CTO: Haile Pecot

Flex Learning is a company that supplies students with the technology and knowledge they need to increase their education. We supply students with the Flex tablet which will be provided to the students for free. The need for our product is to keep the interest of students in school by providing a fun, creative, learning experience through the use of technology. The Flex tablet is a flexible, durable, tablet that students can use during school and at home to get their classwork and homework done. The tablet is already connected to the school's server and has all of the students' curriculum pre-programmed into the Flex, all you have to do is turn it on and log into your account. Your assignments are already there for you to get started. It also includes Google Play for a much more convenient way to get work done. It also comes with tutoring programs in a variety of languages and includes online textbooks to save schools money. Our tablet is targeted more towards students in middle school and elementary school as this is where many students make transitions in their lives that often cause for them to lose interest in the quality of their education. Flex Learning is dedicated to revolutionizing the way our youth learns and develops and is focused on providing every child in the world with a resource for education. As a result of an investment, the net profit after year 5 is about $200M without any losses including the first year. We also have the second revenue stream of royalty fees from textbook publishers that will offset the cost of the product to be free for everyone and to benefit the students,schools,and communities.


Product Sheet


Growing minds, brightening lives

Executive Team:
CEO: Alexandria Anduza
CFO: Patrick Velasquez
CTO: Joseph Holani
Marketing and Sales Director: Morsal Saadat

JMAP Robotics believes that we can build confidence and brighten futures in the lives of many with communication disorders. Introducing G.W.En., a humanoid robot designed specifically to teach communication and social skills through its advanced technology. Since 1 out of 88 children have autism and about 25% of the children in the United States has a type of communication disorder, we are determined to change lives and prepare them for the future, giving them back a strong sense of self-possession.

HG Logo

Product Sheet

HG Company

Fresh Food Closer To You

Executive Team:
CEO: Gabrielle Wright
CFO: EJ Namjmaa
Market and Sales Director: Brenda Gonzalez

Our company is the HG company. We are addressing the need access to fresher produce in urban and suburban areas. Our product is three greenhouse models with our patented technology that helps the produce grow. Our target market is in three phases, the first phase is large companies,businesses and restaurants. The second phase is to the community in areas like retirement homes, schools, and homeless shelters. Our last phase is targeting the public by selling our previous two models and our small compact third model to them. Our goal is to provide local food security and freedom to have fresh produce. We want to help educate people and provide a way to develop healthier eating habits. Issues are occurring in the agricultural production market from chemical and environmental problems, and a popular trend is farms in the places of use.

Home Protech Logo

Product Sheet

Home Pro-Tech

Let your home know you

Executive Team:
CEO: Jesus Montero
CTO: Jonathan Alvarez
CFO: Josh Villeneuve
Marketing and Sales: Maria Gorgonio

Home Pro-Tech keeps home on the palm of your hands, making it function for you, and working around you. Unlocking your door when you get close to it, notifying you when your kids get home, and giving you the power to unlock your house remotely from anywhere. This is for homeowners who want to take full control of their home. Our goal is to make home yours, for home to know who you are, and making your home more secure and yours.

Ion Logo

Product Sheet

Ion Inc.

Who needs a needle

Executive Team:
CEO: Luis Guzman
CFO: Edward Jaimes
Director of Marketing and Sales: Alberto Ruiz

Our company Ion Inc. produces a product called the IonBand. our product addresses the need for diabetics to regularly check their blood glucose levels. Many diabetics do not check their blood glucose when they need to because they do not want to continue the pricking that comes with it. The IonBand uses reverse iontophoresis, which is a needle and pain free way for diabetics to check their levels. We are targeting both type one and type two diabetics, but predominantly we are targeting African Americans and Hispanics because they are more likely to develop some form of diabetes. Our goals are to help out as many diabetics as possible and help them live a easier and simpler life. Invest in our company because the market is only growing and there is great financial opportunities in this market.

NeuroTech Logo

Product Sheet

Neurotech Inc.

Live Your Life. Don't Let Parkinson's Disease Hold You Back.

Executive Team:
CEO: Chelsea Taneo
CFO: Ryan Sanchez
CTO: Teria Massey
Director of Marketing and Sales: Cristian Molina

Neurotech Inc. is dedicated to improve the quality of life through PD Apparel. Every year in America, 60,000 people are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease already adding to the 10 Million worldwide. Parkinson's is a neurological disorder that causes involuntary movements resulting in tremors, lack of balance, and slower movement. PD Apparel is apparel made out of nylon and polyester that contains motion dampening technology to sense the tremors and counteracts with them to greatly reduce them, bio-harvesting energy for a never ending source of energy, electrodes woven into the material that stimulate muscle control that will be targeted for people around the ages of 50-60 where symptoms and diagnosis begins.

Nutrisnap Logo

Product Sheet


Show you care be aware

Executive Team:

CEO: Dejana Velic
CTO: Enid Harris
CFO: Keisha Persaud
Marketing and Sales Director: Jonathan Feliciano

Healthy Living Company has design a revulotionary application called NutriSnap, which allows consumers to take a picture of their meal and analyze the nutritional facts they contain with the use of our highly sensitive patented Image Recognition Technology.This application acts as a dietary tool which can combat obesity, diabetics and weight loss whiles improving your eating habits and making you more health aware. This application will be targeted to people between the age group 20-60 as younger people are more health aware whiles older people tend to suffer from medical conditions.

Omega Logo

Product Sheet

Omega Inc.

Keep Your Head in the Game

Executive Team:
CEO and CFO: Eniselina Tuungafasi
CTO: Joshua Gonzalez
VP Marketing and Sales: Christian Gonzalez

We are Omega Inc. and we are creating a new inner helmet lining called Omega Gear. This product focuses on the increasing concussion rates that are sports related and it's effects. Omega Gear uses a new material called Densotropic Gel (D-Gel). D-Gel is a liquid that automatically thickens accordingly to the level of impact, making each and every hit customizable. We are targeting sport players and parents. We aim to reduce the overall number of concussions thus reducing the number of mental and physical damage caused by concussions. Omega Gear is a product that we can expand into many different sports such as hockey, bicycling, motorcycling and other sports with high levels of impact.

One Voice Logo

Product Sheet

One Voice

Control the conversation

Executive Team:
CEO: Aurora Serrano
CFO: Franczesca Hall
CTO: Ernesto Ahumada
Marketing and Sales Director: Joel Rivas

We are One Voice. The world is constantly growing and we saw an opportunity to create a new and improved way of communication. Our service will enhance the ability to communicate with people that speak foreign languages. Our main targets are business people, tourists, and educators. Our goal is to create a new community of people that are able to communicate without any difficulties. We need 10M to market our product, manufacture the software, and build inventory for headsets.

PowerTap Logo

Product Sheet


Power In Every Tap

Executive Team:
CEO: Jordyn Napier
CFO: Ken Wen
CTO: Kayla Velasquez
Director of Sales: Cecelia Handy
Marketing Director: Kevin Vu

PowerTap is a company that has discovered the revolutionary technology that will soon be manufactured in all smartphones to provide a wireless charge through daily use and movement with the phone. Our technology, Piezoelectricity, is found previously manufactured in the touchscreen glass which generates battery life as fingers and pressure are applied to the glass. Not only does PowerTap provide convenience to charging your smartphone, but PowerTap also assures smartphone users the freedom to charge their phone through the simplicity of the their fingers. PowerTap's target market is smartphone and glass manufacturers but most importantly people who are constantly on the go and rely on their smartphone throughout the day. Our goal is to sustain smartphone battery life and with the help of your investment, PowerTap can promise smartphone users 'Power In Every Tap'.

V Gear Logo

Product Sheet

Real Life Gaming

Make The World Your Game

Executive Team:
CEO: Georgianna Perez
CTO: Linda Le
CFO: Qais Sarbaz
Director of Marketing and Sales: Kristell Quirante

Gamers spend 8 hours or more a day playing video games attached to a television set with no physical activity. Real Life Gaming is entering the gaming console market with V Gear. V Gear is a game console that allows the gamer to become a part of their favorite video game while engaging in physical activity. Our goal is to cut the cord, and redefine the traditional way of gaming to a more fun and interactive way.

Rx Viral Logo

Product Sheet


Go Painless

Executive Team:
CEO: Jaqueline Coria
CFO: Kris Clem
CTO: Ana Jacobo
Marketing Director: Maria Negrete

RxViral's IMU Patch creates an easy painless method to administrate the vaccine. This method is transdermal which allows vaccines to go through the skin without the use of a needle. The patch will be placed on the arm or in the back of your shoulder and will stay attached for 2 days. It will begging transparent, when the vaccine is fully transmitted into the body, the IMU patch will turn solid green and if there is any problems transmitting the vaccine, the patch will turn solid red. This will encourage more people especially the children parents to have no fear of being vaccinated. Vaccines are lifesaving and now it is simple, painless, and easy.

Safety Sock

Product Sheet

Safety Sock

Peace of Mind is Priceless

Executive Team:
CEO: Nicolas Romo
CFO: Dylan Ridgley
CTO: Angelina De La Campa
Sales Director: Connor Delgado
Marketing Director: Marcos Diaz

Our company is named after our product, the Safety Sock. With 4,000 infants dying yearly to SIDS in the United States, Safety Sock is looking to prevent infant death with our sock monitor. The Safety Sock uses biosensors to monitor changes in the child wearing the monitor's antibody reactions and employs wireless communication technology to alert parents or caretakers when something seems wrong. Our target market is the parents of newborn children, specifically Hispanics and African Americans as they are affected by SIDS almost twice as much as white Americans. Safety Sock's goal above all else is to lower the number of infant deaths in the United States and to protect human life. Safety Sock is looking for an investment of $4M and is offering 20% of the company in anticipation of a $24M return.

Time Brokers Logo

Product Sheet

Time Brokers

Need help? We've got the time.

Executive Team:
CEO: Lesly Ramirez
CTO: Jordan Carroll
CFO: Ashley Anderson
Director of Marketing and Sales: Shawn Berry

Time Brokers. The need of the world right now is that people need more time in their day to do things that are important. There are sometimes emergencies or problems that happen on the daily and people don't seem to have the time. The opportunity that Time Brokers has in this is the opportunity of giving people that time by helping each other and being able to trade time with one another. Our service provides the help for others and it's a way for people to trade time for time. Instead of using money for transactions, you would use time instead. This would be built within separate communities. The target market for our service starts out with people within the ages of 18 to 50. The people are either single or living with their own families. It's mostly in urban cities or towns that are well known because that's how our service can grow. These people have jobs that pay enough for themselves but don't give them full hours each week. They're mostly lower class and middle class families that need help and all they have to give is their time. Our company's goal is for communities to come together starting off with neighborhoods, towns, cities, and so on. We want for people to realize that their problems can be solved just by helping out others. We want for this company to grow worldwide so that one day everyone will be able to use this in their daily lives. We are asking our Investors for $1M to start up our company. They will own 14% of our company. This gives us the opportunity to start out with the company's website. Also this can help us get the word out for our service to people in need or to people who want to be a part of it.

Vital Support Logo

Product Sheet


Keeping you safe: anywhere, anytime

Executive Team:
CEO: Hilda Pacheco
CFO: Adam Brandt
CTO: Tyler Buxton
Marketing & Sales Director: Isola Muti

Our company is VitalSupport. We saw that there is a steadily growing population of elderly people in the U.S, currently accounting for 13% of the population. We designed a product, the VitalSupport wristband, that, by tracking vitals, can detect when a user suffers a stroke, heart attack, or sudden fall. Our target market is people 65 and over living in urban areas, as well as their children. Our goal is to provide the best service possible by allowing the elderly to feel safe and be independent, not only at home, but in their communities too. Our company is expected to grow significantly from the first year to the fifth, as the company will be valued at $3B in the fifth year.