Digital Safari Innovation Fair

Digital Safari Academy
2017 Participating Companies

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Express Tech Inc

CEO- Maria Cerna
CFO- Li Li
CTO- Jose Tellez
CDO- Emily Ledezma
CMO- Devynn Wilson

Express Tech Inc is a company which created a product, TechXpresson, for those people who love both fashion and technology. Many agree that fashion identifies who they are as a person and it's a way to show their personality. TechXpression provides a high quality technology that lets millennials express themselves in an easy, unique and fashionable way, while allowing them to be creative and imaginative. TechXpression consists of a display that is as thin as a piece of paper, the technology that allows people to change the patterns and an app with two versions: free and supreme version. The stability of the display allows the patterns to stay all day long. TechXpression will be best choice for people who love to express themselves to the world.

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CEO: Sarah Dunfee
CFO: Monica Longoria
CTO: Anthony Ortiz
CMO: Destiny Moreno

F.R.E.D. is dedicated to helping people stay healthy via minute-by-minute monitoring which will prevent misdiagnosis and save lives. Our company has 3 main products, The Chip, a Ring Band, and an App. The Chip is made of a silicone with data holders and nerve-like particles. The Ring Band is made from a special steering silver, owned by us, that is able to be worn by athletes during games and won't rush. The Ring Band also contains light sensors to warn the user if something in the body begins to happen. Finally, the App is where all the data is stored when received from the Chip. The App is accessible from IOS, Android, and Windows.

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EG Tree

CEO: Carlos Estrada
CTO: Guadalupe Jimenez
CFO: Lelis Reyes
CPO: Jessica Leyva

E.G Tree is here to provide people with direct and reusable clean energy. Our mission here is to introduce our new product called the E.G Tree also known as the Energy Generating Tree. The E.G Tree is a realistic model of a tree that serves the purpose of Solar Panels. On our tree will be solar panels in the shape of original leaves gathering solar energy and storing it into a battery that is located at the trunk of the tree. This can tree can be used for several purposes when it comes to decoration or environment saving to powering up your own house.

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The Comfort Cloud

Elisa Gomez CEO
Mariana Saravia CFO
Josh Villalobos CMO
Da'kari Chappill COO

Sleep is essential for one's mental health. We value the importance of a good night's rest, by providing peace and relief from the traumas of war and everyday life. The Comfort Cloud is a pillow cover designed to help people who suffer from PTSD get sleep. It uses electroencephalography (EEG) technology to generate brain waves, scan brain patterns, and fix neuron connections as the customer sleeps.

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Rafael Pinones: CEO
Kandis Hartford: CFO
Guillermo Galeno: CMO
Brittany Klopatek: CTO
Rosaura Padilla: COO

Our mission here at Nanofiber is to provide comfort in any weather, anytime, any season. Nanofiber makes any weather and any situation comfortable for the Armed forces and for outdoors enthusiast that use our product. Nanofiber is a fabric mixed with nanotechnology that is able to expand and contract at different temperatures to give you the best conference possible. Our product combines nano technological fiber which is able to expand to increase its thickness and contract to its original volume. We, at Nanofiber, want everyone to be able to feel comfortable doing what they love.

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SOS Footwear

Chief Executive Officer - Kathy Nguyen
Creative Director - Daniela Rosales
Chief Operations Officer - Heavenly Samuel
Marketing - Chelsea Schmidt
Chief Financial Officer - William Daughtry

The purpose of this business is to create a new and different shoe that can affect the world in a different way. Our company offers the first anti-inflammatory shoes. We want the world to feel comfortable and great all the time, even if they have health issues. Our company wants the customer for the first time in their life, to feel comfortable and relaxed, while doing what they love without having pain in their feet. Our company is ecstatic about are customers feeling satisfied and not having pain anymore. We have come up with a solution of pain free shoes, due to our shoes and our company making another life happy. Our products soft memory foam and stretchy spandex material will guarantee that the customer will feel comfortable and confident all day long. The adjustable climate change and ankle technology is just a plus.

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Spot On

CEO Travis Derrick
CTO Jonathon Ranney
CFO Ryan Jacob Sumalde
CMO Izaiah Barnett
COO Mario Ramirez

In Spot On, our purpose is to teach and entertain customers by selling them an experience to different experiences to make entertainment and education come to life and become easy to be anywhere any time. On The Spot is the first service to combine live streaming and virtual reality to bring a whole new experience the next time you watch videos. We have patent technology that was first to have real time face tracking and a 3 axis grid to also know where the video should render when you are facing any direction. How our service works is people would go to our branded website and explore the different videos our streamers provide to our consumers. Consumers that have VR headgear, can have our service as an application in their VR headgear and be able to watch any video they want for entertainment and experience in a new way. Our project is an online streaming service that provide the general public with 3D real world-like experience in the comfort of your home. Our project is a service that livestream's places around the world by "streamers" that stream the video of a given place with their 3D camera. The "streamers" are paid by Ad revenue and paid premium/enterprise consumers. Free users have lots of ads and less videos to access to, which makes them want to pay the premium so that they can have full access to the service. This service makes live streaming available for VR products or in a 3D screen.

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Jajuan Roquemore - CEO
Alexis Ramirez - CFO
Kartier Williams - CMO
Tyrone Allen - CIO
Josh Picallo - CTO

Our product is called the Med-Band, which is a wristband that is able to read your body vitals such as blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels. Our product will alert an ambulance if the people wearing the wristband are having an heart attack, stroke, etc. The Med-Band will have a bluetooth sync with lock screen and home screen notification on the app for your phone. Also the app will have a audio option for the hard of hearing. The med-band will be equipped with a sensor that will tell if something is wrong it will alert both of their chosen hospital and doctor by sending an emergency alert.

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Food Gaze

Allison Wilson, CEO
Karen Lopez, CPO
Brandon Alvarez, CTO
Charlie Martin Torres, CFO

Our goal with the FoodGaze scanner is to simplify the lives of those who suffer from food allergies and those who desire to live a healthy lifestyle without complications. The FoodGaze scanner is a food scanner that will be able to detect many different properties within the food based on the chemical composition of the sample. It is easy to use and gives quick, accurate results. It uses top rated rapid detection receptors to detect bacteria, allergens, and nutritional properties of any food items. This will relieve those who live with food allergies of the stress and worriedness of eating food that they did not prepare themselves.

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Charge Me

CEO: Kamau Mixson
CFO: Sione Amato
CTO: Jashan Bal
CME: Nehemiah McNealy

What we bring to the market is a revolutionary product that will change our customer's everyday life. We bring to you "Charge Me". This device lets you charge your phone within seconds. Our product is necessary because anyone can use it and our customers wouldn't have to sit there and charge it for a long period of time. It would also save them money and time. In a study done across six major US cities, the average battery charge by 6 pm was 40%. By 10 pm that number is down to 25%. For the busy professional there may not be a chance to charge your phone or that number may be even lower. So the Charge Me allows customers to instantly charge their phone by visiting one of our energy banks, located at public places like coffee shops. You can also buy your own personalized charger. This product will work for any type of smartphone. The value that we are offering our customers are convenience, time, and easy access.

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CEO: Pedro Miramontes
CFO: Jaime Perez
CTO: Juan Arias
Marketing Director: Luis Lindo
CFO: Nathaniel Spanne

Our product is a valet tray that is used for wireless charging , also it has usb ports for charging too. The valet tray has a sleek and beautiful design, with many other styles over time. There are many products that need to be charged, such as watches and phones. The product would be made out of wood in a rectangular shape and will similar to a valet tray in design. With a drawer underneath the valet tray for your other things like the customer's keys, wallets, and glasses Even though, with all these designs it's not as large as you would think. It has walls that divide components so that everything isn't mix together.