Pop Tunes for Mystics (2010)

This album started in 2005 after listening to Nick Drake's "Five Leaves Left". It's an album for long drives in the country, watching the sun come up, or late night meditations on the stars. My first musical loves were western and eastern classical music. I owe so much to my friend and collaborator, Brian Whistler whose translucent, poetic arrangements and performances with many diverse instruments made this album possible.

Great thanks to Roy Rogers who "channeled" the slide guitar work of George Harrison so perfectly on "The Lennon Song". Thank you Don de Brauwere who attended many of the final mixes. Thank you to all my friends and relatives who supported me during the project. Heartfelt gratitude to Paul Tumolo of Wildplum Records who believed in this work; and special thanks to Michelle Blackwell for her beautiful CD package design.

We recorded these tracks on many a rainy Tuesday afternoon at Whistler Studios in Forestville, CA overlooking a Russian River redwood canyon. The tallest of living things listened to these songs outside our rainstreaked windows.

Lyrics and Comments