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Expertise and Experience in Service to the Community

Founded in 1992, The Praxis Group is a network of individuals with a wide range of skills and experience who are committed to change through community organizing and cultural activism. We specialize in helping passionate individuals and groups to create successful and effective projects, programs, events and organizations in their communities.

Our philosophy is based on the Seven C's of Community Development as outlined by Praxis founder, Mark Westwind. This framework for making meaningful and sustainable change encourages organizers and activists to find key points of leverage for focusing their efforts to maximize effectiveness.

For over 15 years, members of The Praxis Group have contributed many hours of their time and applied their years of experience to initiate new community projects, support community organizations in their formative stages, and provide much-needed technical support in building internal systems.

Our Projects include:

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Organizational Development Partners

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Innovation Initiatives

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Fiscally Sponsored Projects

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Our Services include:

Organizational Development Services

Technical Services

Financial Services

Services are provided at no or very low cost. Praxis provides a robust infrastructure for flegling organizations including web hosting services, on-line data management via, and access to funder information.

Praxis generally gets involved in a project or organization through the involvement of a board member or member of our network of colleagues. We welcome making new connections with people who share our vision of serving and supporting individuals and organizations who are passionate about changing the world.


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