Partial List of Our Clients . . . 

Executive Services
Campbell Engineering Company
Canton Venture Capital Company - P.R. China
VIZ-Soft Development
Objintec, Inc.

Program Development
John F. Kennedy University
Contra Costa Small Bus. Dev. Center
Contra Costa Software Bus. Incubator
Contra Costa Telecom. Incubator

Business Counseling
LavaWorks - AZ
MBX Interactive
KidFest / Clark Graphics & Productions

China Manufacturing
Rescue Facts - OR
Izola - NY


Research, Analysis, Writing
Enterprise Valuations Inc.
Financial Scholars Group
Munroe Consulting *
Navigant Consulting **
Craft Consulting Group

Technical Services
San Jose Unified Schools District
Integrated Access Systems - IL
Thayer & Associates - FL
Glass-Sabine Team
Creative Musical Alternatives
East Bay Small Bus. Dev. Center
and see our list of
Salesforce implementation clients

* For Dr. Tapan Munroe, the former
Chief Economist for PG&E and a columnist
for numerous Bay Area newspapers
** For Lon Hayamiya, former CA Secretary
of Trade and Commerce