"Silicon Valley: The Ecology of Innovation"
a book co-authored with Tapan Munroe, PhD

"Economic Benefits of Toll Roads Operated by
  the Transportation Corridor Agencies"
- 2006
Tapan Munroe & Ronald Schmidt       View

"The Importance of the Beauty Industry
   to the California Economy
- Spring 2005
   An economic analysis for LECG, LLC        View

"Feasibility Study of the Proposed
   Intermodal Facility for Shafter, CA"
Winter 2005 with Tapan Munroe               View

"Deconstruction of Structures -
    An Overview of Economic Issues
for the Int'l Journal of Env. Tech. & Management
    with Tapan Munroe & Lon Hatamiya

Design and Publishing

"Dot-Com to Dot-Bomb - Understanding
the Dot-com Boom, Bust and Resurgence"

    by Tapan Munroe - 2004

"Wavelengths" - Contra Costa Telecom. Incubator Newsletter